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Do patients have to pay anything to Pressure

No. It’s totally free.

Do patients have to enter their credit
card information?

Definitely not. Patients don’t pay us anything.

How do you vet the practitioners on the site?

Our vetting is thorough. We only invite practitioners into the site if we can verify glowing reviews from past patients. The majority of profiles are also recommended from other practitioners currently on the site. All candidates go through an hour-long in-person interview with our team and their academic background is overviewed by our medical advisor.

Does Acupuncture hurt?

Not really. The discomfort level is probably comparable to a massage. If you’re worried give an acupuncturist a call through our site.

My MD told me that alternative medicine doesn't work...

Respectfully, your MD is wrong.

How long have people been doing acupuncture?

Historians and archaeologists generally agree that it started around 3,000 BC. So about 5000 years.

I know an awesome practitioner who should be on Pressure Point. Can I recommend them?

Absolutely. Email with their info and you’ll get tons of good karma!

I'm aligned with your mission and I want to be involved in the Pressure Point project. How can I get involved?

Awesome! We’d love to hear from you. Can you email

We are developing an awesome community of practitioners. Want to join them?

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